Acme Pest Control

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We are a family run business

I would like to say that my wife and I started Acme Pest Control so others could enjoy the beauty the of Sublette county without swatting at mosquitoes. The reality is we started it because we wanted to call somebody but there wasn’t anyone to call! We wanted a solution that would truly work, something that was safe and would last but there wasn't anything available. After lots of looking and research we found the solution, the perfect product for the job. All we had to do now was get licensed with the state! WHAT! That’s crazy! If we were going to go that far we might as well go all the way and start a business, so we did! With some help form a friend we put together a truck equipped with what we needed to kill the little flying devils. We quickly branched of into more then just mosquitoes but we mosquitoes are our specialty.